#Nepal: Few Female Bylines in Major Newspapers

Findings of a study carried out by Freedom Forum Nepal, a non-governmental organization with the financial support from Free Press Unlimited (FPU), a foundation based in Amsterdam confirm that women are poorly represented among bylines in major newspapers and are rarely quoted.

Pragya Lamsal

Male bylines dominate Nepali newspapers. Study titled “6% Female Byline in 9 National Dailies: A Report on Gender Contents Monitoring (April-June 2017)” showed that the gender imbalance in newspapers is real among Nepali newspapers and it is more common than people might think.

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#DisabilityRights: Right to vote

Ensure accessible polling booths so that persons with disabilities are not disenfranchised

Pragya Lamsal

Pragya_Kathmandu Post

Nepal conducted two phases of local elections on May 14 and June 14, respectively. People from all walks of life are now eagerly awaiting a successful third phase of local elections in Province 2, scheduled to be held on September 18. The latest elections were ground-breaking because citizens who were deprived of voting for local representatives since the last local elections in 1997 have finally been able to elect their representatives. Continue reading →

#Nepal: Parliament endorses new Disability Rights Act

New Act, a robust rights-based legislation, is an important step for persons with disabilities in Nepal. 

Pragya Lamsal

On August 6, the Nepali parliament endorsed the Disability Rights Bill, adopting a human rights-based approach to disability. The new law will replace Disabled Protection and Welfare Act 1982, which was enacted 35 years ago.
The Act was formulated in the leadership of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MoWCSW) in close collaboration with the National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) through a long process of consultations with DPOs, disability related services providers, other disability rights organizations and relevant government agencies, according to National Federation of the Disabled – Nepal (NFDN), a national umbrella body of persons with disabilities.

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#Nepal criminalizes banishment of menstruating women

Nepal’s parliament on Wednesday criminalized Chhaupadi, a century-old tradition of banishment of women during menstruation. It is a welcome decision. It is, however, the effective implementation of the law that ensures end of deep-rooted social problem on the ground.

Pragya Lamsal

Nepal’s Legislature Parliament on Wednesday passed the Criminal Code 2017, criminalizing Chhaupadi, a deep-rooted tradition that banishes women to ‘menstruation hut’ during period.

[Related: In Nepal, menstruation is associated with stigmatising traditions and restrictions for women. I’m calling for an end to the – sometimes deadly – suffering.]

This is a welcome decision and I believe that a sincere implementation of law will ensure dignified life of women during menstruation.

Surkhet photo

Photo: Poulomi Basu

The new code is certified by the President and it will come into effect from August 17, according to local media reports, “With the introduction of new Criminal Code, the traditional social practice of Chhaupadi will be criminalized.” Continue reading →

#Nepal: Yet another girl dies in menstrual hut

Yet another young girl lost her life in mid-western region of Nepal while following the practice of menstrual exclusion. This is not the first case of death in menstrual hut and no one can say for sure that similar cases won’t repeat in the future. 

Pragya Lamsal

A Nepali girl has died in a “menstruation hut” after being bit by a snake. According to local media reports, a young girl was bitten twice by a snake and died on Friday morning in Dailekh district, a district lies in mid-western part of Nepal.

An-18-year-old girl Tulasi Shahi from Lainchaur of Chamunda Bindrasanini Municipality was bitten by a snake at around 10pm while following Chhaupadi, a tradition that banishes menstruating women to live in sheds outside the houses. She survived for nearly nine hours after the snake bite but succumbed to death because of lack of medical treatment, according to media reports. Continue reading →

घर !


मैले रोपेको ति फूलहरु,
ति हासेर हिड्ने गल्लीहरु,
बुवाको मन्द मुस्कान,
अनि मलाई हेर्ने ति आँखाहरु,

चराको चिरबिरमा अडिएको मेरो खुशीहरु,
ति कहिले नथाक्ने आशाहरु,

अनि मेरा अनगिन्ति सपनाहरु

अझै ताजा छन् ति यादहरु!